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Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘Diamond Jubilee’

This weekend is special. British people have two days of holiday. Why? Because it’s the Queen’s ‘Diamond Jubilee’! Queen Elizabeth has been the Queen for 60 years.

There are street parties, one thousand boats on the River Thames and a music concert at Buckingham Palace.

In the UK, people are very happy about this amazing party.

“I am so happy for the Queen. She loves meeting people and spending time with her family,” says Amy, 9. “She does a very good job as our Queen!”

“I am happy too,” says Brian, 11. “I have two days off school, so I will play games with my friends.”

Does your country have a King or Queen?

Does your country have a special holiday? What is it?

You give a present to Queen Elizabeth. What is it?

Read about Queen Elizabeth II on pages 14 and 15 of CROWN magazine!

Queen Elizabeth Facts
  • Full name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
  • Birthday: 21st April, 1926 (real birthday) and 2nd June (the day she became Queen)
  • Lives in: Buckingham Palace, London
  • Pets: Four corgi dogs called Linnet, Willow, Monty and Holly